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Total Kitchen Remodel Company Serving Homeowners in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR, and Nearby Areas

Kitchen Remodel Company in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR

Your Trusted Portland-Vancouver Metropolitan Area Kitchen Remodel Contractor

Have you got tired of your tattered kitchen? Kitchen Remodeling is the ultimate solution.

A kitchen is the integral part of every home where people start their day by brewing coffee, preparing meals and dine together. That's why it must exude positivity and freshness whenever you step into your kitchen, not boredom or dullness.

At Pavel's Tile & Remodeling LLC, we believe that an elegant kitchen can create amazing and beautiful memories and strengthen bonding within the family. Thus, when you choose as your kitchen remodeling contractor in Vancouver, WA, we sit down with you and discuss what kind of kitchen remodel you are envisioning. We ask what works and what doesn’t work in your home and how much amount you are willing to spend. Once we learn about your kitchen needs, desires, and ideas, we come up with a kitchen remodeling plan that best incorporates everything you want.

Looking for Kitchen Remodeling Services in Portland-Vancouver? Get in Touch with Us.

We focus on every minute detail to ensure that your kitchen remodeling project delivers the desired result. When you hire our kitchen remodeling services, we work with you right from kitchen design creation to installation.

Pavel's Tile & Remodeling LLC offers a wide range of qualitative kitchen remodeling services, including:

  • Custom kitchen cabinet design and planning
  • Kitchen island installation
  • Countertop installation (granite, quartz, wood, and more)
  • Plumbing fixture installation (including sinks and faucets)
  • Lighting installation (pendant lighting, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and more)
  • Flooring installation (hardwood, vinyl, tile, and more)
  • Backsplash installation (Ceramic and other options)
  • And more ...

Consult with the Leading Vancouver, WA Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

The best time to consult with a kitchen remodeling company in Portland-Vancouver, WA is when you plan the design. Even if your kitchen is small, we can come up together with a design plan that makes sure that your new kitchen looks airy, beautiful, and functional.

contact us today for consultation and see how we can upgrade your kitchen to match your unique taste, preference, and home decor.



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